Topic: Best shipping Extension for multi-vendor Wordpress WooCommerce

We are planned to setup for ecommcerce portal in very near future and as of now we looking for answers for our current requirement.

Which shipping extension is better for multiple vendors where sellers are physically located in different places?

Assume that if there are three suppliers A, B, C, which are located in different cities and states and a customer makes an order with products A, B, C, there are some plugin for Wordpress (WooCommerce) that can calculate shipping costs of the address of the supplier and the address of the destination (client)?

Is there any table shipping available to solve this problem or any supplement that makes it possible for providers to establish delivery costs itself as the way it works in the Amazon or eBay?

Hope someone will answer to our questions.

Re: Best shipping Extension for multi-vendor Wordpress WooCommerce

The configuration for this can be quite complex, but anyway a better place to start with your requirement is to look with "multiple package" extension.such as … oocommerce

Another one is named
Multiple packages configuration for WooCommerce

which allow you to split packages for each merchant. This way, customers can choose a shipping method for each package on the Cart page.

Allowing sellers to allocate the shipping price is a bit trickier as they need a user interface (provider). For example,
Dokan Plugin

has this available but sellers can set only a flat rate in their country or internationally through what it seems, which may or may not be too limiting.

If the provider needed a more complex configuration, he would probably have to configure it for them. For example, if you have an existing send plug-in that works remotely, or by table rates, etc., you can assign it to the sending class or the provider through the package plug-in, but the configuration pages will not normally be available For sellers across the backend. But if you get everything working fine, you can then consider paying a developer to give some kind of interface to those pages so the marketers can configure it themselves.

Hope it helps!