Topic: Developing Multi vendor Feature with Magento.Some Questions

We are from e-commerce background company and we require the following with our new marketplace site which is planned to build with Magento.And we have some following questions

Seller can add their own product details(Easy to enter-no complex User interface but easy to use UI and at the same time the functions should contains some advanced configurable options)

Seller can sell existing product in other merchants store (As of you know popular brand product module has sold by many merchants in the same marketplace ) But the individual sellers can have their own inventory details such as adding thier own SKU ,price and product quantity with the function

We plan to make an entry in the table unit product and then keep records separate stock and price for each supplier. So SKU is different for each provider.

Should we create more simple products provider as attribute?

Re: Developing Multi vendor Feature with Magento.Some Questions

Yes that was possible with multi vendor plugin but i am not tried with Magento.But i strongly feel that your required feature will be available with Magento its because its one of the scalable and most configurable ecommerce shopping cart software on the planet.